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The graduating class of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC have dedicated their final exhibition to Barbie, calling it The Pink Issue. The perfect FIT for the VOGUE militia! Ambiguos or Obvious? Girly or Bitchy? Controversial or PC? Fashionista or TrendTracker? How will this generation of international students relate and express the Barbie brand?

Oh well, I was blown-away by how rigorous “on-brand” everything was. As if, Barbie was directing the exhibit. Jewel, glamour, versatility, pink, accessories, bracelets, all blonds/one black, magical fashion, bubbles, pretty, fantasy, Atlantis, dreams, kingdom, fashion-army, over-sized closets, etc.

What is most fascinating about this excellent exhibit is the Pink “Issue”, TFFF (AKA “too-fat-for fashion”) in the room. “OMG…U know its coming…but its so not here…but its here”

Wouldn’t be surprised if this crowd of aspiring Project Runway contestants are in the habit of skipping meals for the same “Issue”.

The September Issue of VOGUE that is (wink)



  1. Julia Grace says:

    I was impressed/surprised that the graduating class of FIT chose Barbie for the subject of their final presentation. She seems so passe. And yet… by the looks (especially the prevalence of high heels) in fashion today, maybe not. We may be seeing the past resurrected. Barbie rules!!!

  2. Antonia says:

    I can’t stand Barbie. Why? I could give you reasons citing feminism, capitalism, fascism, materialism, and environmentalism. But perhaps the deepest reason is that I never had one (though I certainly wanted a Barbie Doll when I was a little girl).

  3. Ms. Hotshot says:

    Hmm, I was right Lindsay is in the lead. Great blog !!!

  4. I am impressed with this website , really I am a big fan .

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