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  • No Speak Starbucks Here

    A couple of weeks ago, I was in Mexico City attending Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s Rebel Buddha lectures when I stumbled upon one of several Cielito Querido Cafe (Heavenly Cafe) spots. Two things to keep in mind: (1) There are 51 Starbucks in Mexico City alone (2) Mexicans, like any other nation, roots for their national products (unless the import fits into a sub-category of itself (NBA, Hollywood movies, American music). Having worked many times in Mexico City, I was looking to catch

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  • That’s So Barbie!

    “I love Barbie. I hate Barbie. I fuck with Barbie. I don’t fuck with Barbie. “I love the Warhol fantasy-reality conflict of Pop Culture in general. It’s a very provocative and decadent prologue to the Organic-Technologic virtual-reality global revolution conflict of today.” – Carlos Ferreyros [That’s So (Brand)!Is a series dedicated to “passion” brands.] That’s so Barbie! evokes something. That thing is clear and consistent. And, has been so, for 53 years everywhere. Because of that, even if we don’t

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  • Barbie-festo!

    The graduating class of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC have dedicated their final exhibition to Barbie, calling it The Pink Issue. The perfect FIT for the VOGUE militia! Ambiguos or Obvious? Girly or Bitchy? Controversial or PC? Fashionista or TrendTracker? How will this generation of international students relate and express the Barbie brand? Oh well, I was blown-away by how rigorous “on-brand” everything was. As if, Barbie was directing the exhibit. Jewel, glamour, versatility, pink, accessories, bracelets,

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  • Brands live forever

    Companies go out of business every day, but often the good brands that support them live on forever. Take, for instance, Pan Am, the “World’s Most Experienced Airline”, when we think of it, we are less likely to remember that It went belly up in1991 and more inclined to remember it’s blue and white colors and it’s glamorous reputation. Another great example is the Volkswagen Beetle which was not only remembered but easily resurrected because it never died in the

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  • In Search of Identity

    I am more than a label. I am more than my gender, race, age, mobility, location and employment status. I have an identity. One’s search for identity is rather like taking snap shots in a hall of mirrors. For what one “is”, the labels one adopts to define oneself, come from the outside and can change throughout one’s lifetime. Even those rooted in biology — one’s gender, race, whether one is tall or short, attractive or not –are defined by

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  • “Identity Theft”

    We live in politically charged times. There are a few things however that we all seem to agree on. Conservative, liberal and the gamut in between, if you don’t like someone, paint a Hitler mustache on him (or her). Painting a narrow mustache onto a placard depicting the face of a politician crosses all political affiliations and is something everyone understands.  Inversely, if someone paints a portrait of a politician in black and red (a la Eduardo ‘Che’ Guevara) they’re

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