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  • The Sandwich: Part 1

    Our city kids version of hide and seek. Some have guns, we got cans and cams. CA Square Original

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  • Who U Are

    A brand is whatever they think it is

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  • Realistic Studio

    Home for artist at a tipping point

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  • Making Flama Lit

    We created a “Flamable” experience for Univision’s first English online network. From naming to brand identity design.

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  • Oppenheimer Funds

    Branding for investment managing agency Oppenheimer Funds

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  • Generation Y2K

    This video was done back in June 2012 for my friend Kasumi at Turner Studios in ATL. She was to putting together a panel of brand experts to present to an audience of creative, marketing and ad agency executives. I was answering my question on video. What is branding today? CASquare had started its transformation. Branding, marketing and advertising had to undergo a structural change to survive in a social media world. We decided to focus strictly in the 14-21

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