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CA Square was founded in 2002 and incubated within Razorfish. CA Square is known for its branding, design and animation. In addition, it has a strong strategic and research foundation with a professional background in a synthesis of content & promo production, and broadcast, print and interactive design. Over the years, CA Square has had a global and multi-cultural roster of broadcast, interactive and commercial clients. CA Square is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including: Emmys, Promax, BDA, Gabriel, Monitor, ACCA, Eyes & Ears and New York Festival. One Brand. All Screens.


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Carlos Ferreyros

Carlos is the founder of CA Square. He is a “big idea” guy whose many (many) years of experience in the TV business have given him a 360-degree perspective on building and marketing brands. A native of Peru and Columbia, a resident of New York City, and a world traveler, Carlos offers clients a global sensibility and unique insight into the Latino market.After launching his career with art directing roles at Telemundo, Univision and Warner Channel, Carlos founded his first company, Miami-based Cyclops, where he developed and produced promo campaigns and original programming for Telemundo, Nickelodeon and local stations. Most recently, as Senior Creative Director at Lee Hunt Associates and Razorfish, Carlos headed up identity redesigns for numerous networks, including Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Fox International, Fox Kids and Telemundo.Carlos frequently conducts workshops on maximizing the impact of brand communications and is a popular speaker at international industry conferences. He’s won lots of awards, from BDA Golds to Emmys, but he doesn’t like to toot his own horn. When Carlos isn’t busy brainstorming media campaigns, he can be found volunteering his skills as an amateur shrink, pursuing his PhD in pop culture, and trying not to think about anything at all during his daily meditation practice.

Lucas (aka MRKA) is our imported art director from Madrid. He’s a chameleon: a graphic artist, designer, animator and co-owner of minimaldose500mg. He offers an enviable aesthetic to turn everything he touches into gold. Earning experience in urban grounds, Lucas Benarroch developed an ability to work extremely fast but without losing the quality in his intricate designs. His ‘creatures’ are a result of many different influences put together to create a contemporary and delicate aesthetic that only he can replicate. He moved to New York and attended Parsons The New School for Communication Design and Technology. The transition to the United States has pumped his work ethic into overdrive. His work has been featured at galleries and exhibitions in Madrid, New York and Miami including: Gallery 151, Wallplay Gallery, and Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, to name a few.

Hannah Song

Hyena “Hannah” Song was born in Seoul, Korea on Jan 28, 1989. She’s been living in New York for the past five years. She does animation and graphic design, and went to School of Visual Arts. She graduated in 2012. Hannah was always interested in making graphic arts/illustration since she was young, and the idea of mixing music and graphic/video sounded perfect to her.She loves all kinds of minimal arts and music. Somehow saying less shows more sophisticated and more to her. She’s obsessed with old posters from Eastern Europe like Poland or Czech. They are very bold, rough, not refined but somehow they carry authentic emotion. Her favorite brands are Theyskens Theory, Acne, Damir Doma and Cos. These days she’s very much into Byredo fragrance . They have such a nice woody/ floral scent!! She eats at creatures of Comfort, No6(http://no6store.com/) Buvette and the Hungarian Pastry Shop.Besides work, she’s interested in philosophy and how to keep herself free and happy in a solid way. She loves solid story telling rather than stories that are just visually well done. She used to work in New York City Ballet so she was very into Ballet especially Balanchine’s works. She likes Traveling.

Mark Benoit

Mark Benoit is CaSquare’s executive operations manager who has a background in customer service and style and image consulting and handles the day to day operations of the company, with an interesting take on organizational skills and time management. His Canadian upbringing can sometimes pose a challenge to how he views things here in the United States and being the passionate, determined type that could come off a little bit abrasive but its just his style of getting his best result as a team player. He has strong fashion influences, having been a wardrobe stylist for print and television for a number of years, which lead to him managing a woman’s wear line and starting his own soon to be brand Benoit Chancellor, an urban luxury brand geared towards men.

Julia has lived in New York City for many years. She has also lived in Mexico and upstate New York. She is a retired clinical social worker, and a Buddhist.  Julia has an obsessive personality which she applies to research at CaSquare. She will ferret out the exact perfect background information. She is a straight shooter, and immune, as a consumer, to bullshit. Therefore, putting bullshit over on her with a brand, is unlikely. Always curious about new areas of expertise and wanting to expand her horizons, It is no surprise that Julia, having completed a career in social work, has turned her interests and talents to learning a new business. She is a writer, researcher, and editor at CaSquare, and applies her knowledge of psychology to consumers, in her growing understanding of branding and trend-setting.

Liam Wahl was born in NYC on June 23rd, 1996. He currently lives in Manhattan with his Parents, Nancy and Sean Wahl, and attends NYC School. He got into film when he was in 7th grade, and slowly got more interested in the process. He bought his own camera and decided to make short videos as well as music related films. Now he films everywhere he goes. He does videography for CaSquare and fashion design for Y2K.His birth name is Uncle, he was found on a dirt road with a camera in his hands, wearing a custom hoody with NYCB tatted on his neck. Since then, he has come to love videography as well as hand crafting his own apparel. Working with different minds and mentalities to further enhance his ideas and productivity, he uses optimism towards his ventures, while keeping his third eye shut — ’cause that stuff’s played out.’

Julian Prandy grew up in Manhattan, New York (Dyckman).His family is from the Dominican Republic, but immigrated to the United States in the 80s. He grew up loving the game of basketball and watching the New York Knicks. Living in Dyckman, hanging out with older people, he gained the desire to be ambitious and always motivates himself to be successful in life. Julian was introduced to urban fashion by watching music videos featuring rappers like Jay-Z, P-Diddy and Camron. As a young adolescent, he would always admire how his father valued his clothing. His father was a fan of wearing suits and expensive garments. He get his luxury inspiration for fashion from his Dad. Combining his urban style with his taste for luxury, has inspired Julian to create “Success In Disguise” along with artist/designer Emilio Jimenez. They bring the urban environment with a luxury taste in fashion.


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