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The Opportunity


“The foundation and creative strategy provide a coherent basis for the product/service’s design and content execution.” Along with the social media and digital revolution, especially now that choices are executed at the end of our fingers, consumers will react emotionally as well as rationally to a brand or product and are as likely to make decisions based on their feelings about a product as for the product’s functionality or quantifiable attributes.

There are many example of this but one most recent is in the Apple products: the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iTouch, etc– best-selling in their categories even though consumers can easily find a comparable product at a lower price.

Apple offers a “holistic” experience that’s supported in every way the consumer interacts with the brand—through the advertising, packaging, product design and functionality, they create an emotional connection that’s so strong consumers will pay hundreds of dollars more for an Apple versus a technologically comparable PC. The advertising campaign reinforces an irreverent attitude and iconoclastic vision. Their product design humanizes the device making in actually, “lovable.”

The “holistic” brand is created through a totality of consistent, compelling and meaningful user experiences. At CA Square, we’ve been creating these types of holistic brands for years. TV marketing necessitates consistent communication in a variety of forms and media. The tone, visual style and sensibility must have a single strategic basis that conveys the brand’s vision to the audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This strategic brand analysis and creation process which ends with a brand print deliverable, can be divided into the follow three distinct, but parallel parts.


What we do Define

Define -Acquire knowledge

This is a detailed examination of the company, service or product.  Through management interviews, current brand identity analysis and product evaluation, we determine the product/service’s function and purpose.

Differentiate — The competition. We analyze the market environment.  We evaluate competitor’s brands, services and functionality and compare it to our client’s.  This is accomplished through market research and examining the on-air, online, print or physical environment of competitor brands.

Make relevant — The user/consumer. We analyze consumer or end user attitudes and preferences.  We determine how and why they relate and engage with our client’s brand service and/or product.  We examine how they use the product/service, website and any other branded platform.  We gauge emotional response and sensory experience.  This is accomplished through qualitative and quantitative consumer research, usability testing and pop culture/trend analysis.
 Brand strategy deliverables.
Ultimately, CA Square’s brand strategy process culminates in a presentation of the final deliverable: Brand Print.


What we do Design

Design Identities Content

Based on the Brand Print, we design the visual expression of the brand for its essential applications.

One Brand. One Agency. One Team.

One Brand All Screens


What we do Create


Create Experiences Content


In the art of bringing the brand to life, CA Square understands the significance of following guidelines and inspiration for staying true to the brand. This is appropriate for all aspects of marketing/advertising, program development, licensing/ merchandising, and any other media that represents the brand. It is the process of developing a visual language for the brand.